the second trimester

Friday, May 2, 2014

this pregnancy has gone by slow, but fast at the same time. slow when i am eager to meet him, fast when i think about all that i still have left to do.

the second half of my second trimester was by far when I felt the best. although I wasn't as tired at the beginning of my second trimester, I still had food issues. 

i ate jason's deli for about four weeks. my usual? smoky panini and tomato basil soup. oh goodness, that tomato basil soup was absolutely heavenly. i just could not get enough!!! one of my coworkers even told me that i should name my first born jason in memory of my craving episode!!! my coworkers definitely got tired of jason's deli before I did. but boy, that tomato basil soup just satisfied me and this little boy during that time.

we had the worst weather during my second trimester. It snowed twice during my biggest client. the cold was absolutely unbearable to me. It was hard to get up when it's gray and cold. And when I got home in the evening, I didn't want to do anything but sneak under the cover and sulk. 
exercising during my second trimester was nonexistent. the long hours at work and the cold did not help at all.

during my second trimester was when i started feeling the little man. it was amazing.

my love for him grows each and every day. and bd can't wait to meet him either.



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