a quick minnesota trip

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

we were able to sneak in a very quick trip to minnesota to visit my grandma, stepmom, stepbrother and son and my brother. my grandma has been in and out of the hospital so it was nice to spend some time with her and talk with her. due to our short trip, we didn't get a whole bunch of sight seeing in, but rather just hung out with family which was perfect, given my situation. we did get to see hmong village and mall of america.

my stepbrother and his son waiting for some bubble tea. we don't get to see my nephew a lot so it was a real treat to spend some time with him. he is so cute and such a funny guy. he's super talkative and loves showing us what he's doing on his ipad.

of course we had to walk through the foodcourt. there were so many vendors with all sorts of goodies laid out and ready to go. pho and papaya salad. 

i think these are papaya salad. i can't tell from looking at this picture now whether this is papaya or noodles. looks yummy though.

broiled fish in herbs. 

super colorful rice cakes. 

baked eggs.

all the asian skincare a girl could only dream of. 

super cute traditional hmong clothes for kids. 

a modern take on a traditional outfit. 

harem style pants with a hint of traditional style.

anyone missing a headpiece?

super cute.

the aisles remind me of a storage unit. each vendor has a space where they can sell all sorts of goodies, including clothes, movies, toys, etc.

bd checking out this vendor.

i spotted this bright outfit. super cute.

all the hmong movies and music you can dream of. 

herbs, medicines and so much more. 

 there's even a produce section in hmong village.

it was good to see my grandma smiling. she's lost a lot of beautiful long hair, but that smile is always continuous. 

us with my stepmom. she was an absolutely fabulous hostess and cooked me so many yummy food and also baked us some of her yummy rolls. best tasting rolls ever.

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