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Monday, July 21, 2014

now that my baby boy is out and about, i'm relearning my body. i'm doing all the things that i wasn't able to do before, like laying on my tummy, putting on my own shoes, bending over and picking up things, etc. i've been taking it pretty easy this past week and will continue to do so. we did go for a light walk this afternoon and mw had his first two-miler.

i found this terrific article here on the changes to your body after childbirth. there were some things that i was definitely curious about and this article did help me with those questions that i had.

prior to having mw, i picked up the cinch at izzy maternity. i had looked at the belly bandit, but it wasn't adjustable to as many sizes and i knew that i wanted something that was adjustable since a lot of my girlfriends had mentioned that after having a baby, you do still look 6 months pregnant.

i wore the cinch as soon as i got home from the hospital and only take it off when i shower and when i feed mw (since i had some leaking get on the band and i was tired of hand washing it so often). Here is a little bit information on the history of wrapping.

it's super easy to use and easy to adjust. 


i love how much size options you have with this particular band.
happy monday!

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  1. I was super lucky after having Tutu but she is one of the most active kids I've ever seen and I'm sure that has helped keep me in shape


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