mw: one week old

Friday, July 18, 2014

my little guy is one week old. so far this week:

-he's enjoyed face timing with his grandma and grandpa.
-he listened to his first hmong songs last night.
-he slept in his bassinet without us having to hold him. we found one that is absolutely perfect. it has vibrations along with music.
-he had his newborn pictures taken :) i can't wait to see those pictures!
-he's been trying to hold his head up.
-he's peeling like crazy. per the pediatrician, this is normal since he is used to being in liquid.
-he continues to eat every three hours.
-today we went to the pediatrician and he is now 6 lb 10 oz, a 6 oz weight gain from tuesday's pediatrician visit. yay!

have a great weekend!

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