nesting success

Saturday, July 5, 2014

let the nesting officially begin! and there really is no better time to nest then during a long weekend. the plan is to work almost up to my due date so these last few weekends are a catch up time for me. and there is only one more weekend after this!!! and hopefully next weekend is more of a relaxing weekend.
we spent the bulk of today at ikea looking for a dresser. and finally found the perfect one to house the little guy's clothes and my clothes. living in a tiny space, there is just no room for extras and anytime we add anything else, we have to try and come up with a clever way to blend it in. with the baby's stuff, it's nearly overtaken the little bits of space we have left.
anyways, back to the dresser. this little dresser took us nearly 3 hours to put together. crawling and getting up and sitting down, and just trying to help bd completely tired me out. but it's all put together, and i've already filled it up with all his little things, and my big things.

 i really liked the lining that came with this dresser.

lots of room for everything.
have a great rest of the day! fingers crossed that my sister in law has her baby today!!!

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