on eating more organic

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

we've been trying to eat a lot more organic and fresh these last couple of months. between realizing that this body isn't quite just mine, i've been really into finding fresher ingredients and selecting food that are more fresh and natural.

we've also been into watching documentaries, such as food, inc and fat, sick & nearly dead. there is so much information out there and some that we both agree with and some that we still need to further research. however, as one of my girlfriend says, start small and make the change slowly. and that's exactly what we have been trying to do.

tonight's menu was tacos. and it was delicious. here's to investing in our health.

also, i've been contemplating between cross fit, pure barre, flywheel, and tone it up. which should i try to tone up after the babe comes? or is there another program that i should consider other than the ones i listed? i haven't been working out for the past 9 months, so i will have a lot of work ahead of me, but i want to be proactive and get that pre-baby body back ;)


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