our first day alone

Thursday, July 31, 2014

monday was the first day that bd went back to work. it was probably the hardest day thus far. all the diaper changes and swaddling was up to me. it has been so nice to have him home to help me so I was beyond terrified to be left alone with mw.
i had my first post partum dr appointment and it was a bit scary, having to make sure i fed mw before we left so i wouldn't have to make a stop anywhere. it was also difficult to carry him in his car seat so i'm excited for the baby carrier. there were a couple of times during the day that mw cried, and i hate hearing him cry. it makes me so sad and him not being able to tell me what he needs makes me even more sad.
well, we survived. even though i did watch the clock and jumped up and down when bd finally came home. i think mw missed his daddy as well.

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