A house, a home

Monday, March 23, 2015

We had some free time this past week so we drove up to the area that we are considering buying or renting in. Of course, we proceeded to the hills, and to the houses beyond our price point to look at the houses. This house was open for show, so we decided to stop in and play house buying. Clearly, we are in the wrong neighborhood, ha! The realtor was really nice, and directed us to houses that are more in my price range, away from the hills. I love the hills for the view, but am not fond of it for fear of falling, or falling and rolling down a hill (my nightmare!). My girlfriend reminded me that she was not fond of it for reasons related to snow and driving (more realistic)!

Anyways, I would love to someday live on the hills. But in the mean time, here are some pictures!

These windows have some great views! Absolutely stunning. Downer for this house is that the garage is on the same level as the basement, which means taking groceries up the stairs. That was what we had to do in our last house so I definitely don't want to do that this time around if I can help it! 

What beautiful double doors!

I told Mason to not get too comfortable since we can't afford this place, but he wouldn't listen! 

We aren't looking for a ton of yard space so this would be quite perfect! Mason seems to agree!

Anyways, hopefully we can find a little house for us soon!



  1. Gorgeous - the house AND the baby! Lol. Is this north of Atlanta? We're looking around too. Maybe we'll be neighbors and start a mommy club!

    1. This is actually in Washington State! We moved! Otherwise, we could totally start a mommy club!


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