Happy 8 Months!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

These pictures make me so happy! Mason has just completely stolen my heart, and each and every day, I feel like I can just burst with all my love for him. I feel like I can't love him enough, but each and every day, that love continues to grow!

He has changed so much over the past weeks. He is definitely getting heavier, and longer. I'm really looking forward to his 9 month checkup. I can't wait to see all his stats! He still has peach fuzz for hair. His two bottom teeth are just so precious! He is getting very good at rolling front to back. He sits very well on his own. Every once in a while, and especially if he is grabbing for a toy, he will roll over accidentally onto his back. It is a cute but funny sight. We've been working on his crawling but he hasn't been liking to crawl yet. He will do the superman, and I think he thinks he is moving sometimes. Haha! He was doing okay adjusting, and now his schedule is off again with the move, and the time change. He loves to laugh, and make different faces.

Sometimes he will stare at me, like he is saying, Look at me. It is the cutest. Gosh, I love this little boy of mine. He makes me so happy, and he really is everything to me.

Happy 8 months, my sweetheart!


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