It's a bubble kind of day!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Take a coat, they say. Well, truth be told, the weather here in Oregon has been absolutely beautiful! We have been taking evening walks almost everyday, and the air has been good, and the sun out and about. There has been a day or two where it's cloudy or drizzling, but not having to go out of the house helps! And, I must say, I don't miss the humidity one bit. Yep, not one bit! It feels good to be able to breathe!

We introduced bubbles to Mason recently and he loves seeing them. He looks super amazed to see them pop, and although he doesn't understand how they work exactly, it's fun to see him stare at them.

Last night, he had a really hard time sleeping and I think it may be because his top teeth are coming in. And he had a rash on his back so he may be allergic to something that I've tried feeding him. All those things aside, he's doing really well here, and we have really enjoyed staying here for a while.


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