Work Routine

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

We just spent the past 2 hours trying to get Mason to bed. His top teeth are coming in, and he's not been feeling very well. And boy, am I glad that I don't have to go to an actual office tomorrow for work. As much as I think it's tough staying at home, and I would never discredit all the hard work that stay at home moms do (because we all know that this sector of the "labor force" is under appreciated!), I'm glad that I don't have to get dressed early in the morning, figure out how to feed the baby without waking him completely up, make sure that there is no spit up on my shirt, commute to work, and interact with other working adults. Our schedule when we were both working was completely crazy, and I commend all those couples who can do it. But I definitely know that I felt like we were just go-go, and there was no time for us to actually just enjoy our time as a family.

I thought I would highlight a typical morning of getting ready, and how our evening usually went, when I was working full time:

5am. Feed baby.
5:30am. Put him back to bed. Get ready.
6:30am. Pack up the things he needed for the day. Go to daycare.
7am. Drop him off at daycare.

4pm. Leave work.
5:30pm. Pick baby up.
6pm. Get home. Either feed him, play with him, or try to put him down for a quick nap, and try to start dinner.
7pm. Bath time.
8pm. Put him to bed.
8:30pm. Check emails, and finish up work.
11:30pm. Go to bed.

And then do it all over again.

Anyways, for the time being, I'm enjoying hanging out with Mason, and watching him grow each and everyday.

Like, riding with him on his first merry go round!

I love this kiddo!


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