Happy 9 Months!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Seriously, where has the past 9 months gone?!!! In three months time, my baby boy will be one!!! That completely baffles me.

Last week, our friend's daughter came home from school, looked at Mason, and said, "Mason looks like a little boy today." And that perfectly sums up his growth the past month. He is starting to lose that baby look, and to start to look like a little boy. I'm sad, but I'm also glad for him, and to see him continue to grow and learn. He is overly active, crawling everywhere. He hasn't yet crawled on his knees, just his typical army crawl. He holds his bottle on his own now, although he prefers for us to hold it for him. He loves to look around, and he loves to discover new things. With the move, I haven't been able to schedule a 9-month checkup for him yet, but I really need to, as I am super curious about his stats. His favorite food is Apple + Chicken, and his little puffs (Sweet Potato). He is a fantastic road tripper, as I have been lugging him everywhere between Oregon and Washington State. He likes to kick me in bed, and he hates anything close to his feet. If he feels anything at his feet, he will kick. He loves to take over the bed, and doesn't like to give me any room to sleep.

As he is getting older, he needs more things to do and I am starting to feel a bit run down as I don't have any ideas what to do with him. He's not big enough to go to the playground, but he loves to move around, and play. Any suggestions? I'm all ears!


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