On Tummy Sleeping

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

As a newborn, Mason did not like being swaddled much. And each day, he seemed to grow even stronger, and would break out of his swaddle and not sleep much. During the day, he would sleep for short period of time, and continuously throughout the day. I went on the chicken diet, and it was super hard to make the dish fresh, every single time. My girlfriend told me that her babies were stomach sleepers. As a new mom, I listened closely to my pediatrician about not putting him on his tummy, and instead on his back. But he wasn't sleeping well, and I wasn't operating well either. So my girlfriend and I talked about it some more, I prayed about it, and I finally let him sleep on his tummy. And from then on out, he has been a tummy sleeper, and a great sleeper. 

This is not to say that we aren't worried about SIDS, as I think about it everyday, but Mason has been doing good, and he is developing as he should, so that is reassuring for me.

Were your babies tummy sleeper? Did you ever had concerns about this?


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