A Beautiful Detour

Friday, May 22, 2015

It hadn't been our intention to stop on the drive back home. We had planned to drive through the night to get home. However, when the crying started, it didn't want to end. I was driving then, and Brandon was in the passenger seat. He looked back, and what he described it was a bit terrifying. Apparently, Mason's mouth was opened, and all that came out filled his mouth. He had been crying for a bit, and didn't stop. I am not sure if he cried himself into throwing up, or if he was going to throw up anyhow. But we ended up stopping, and sleeping halfway. It was a much needed rest though, and I think Mason knew best.

We had both been craving some Panda Express. Panda Express does such a good job with their food. It is always fresh, and the teriyaki chicken, let me tell you. With some teriyaki sauce of course. So while driving back, we looked up one on our way, and we ended up getting some. Sadly, it did not satisfy our cravings. The chow mein was blah, and they didn't give us any teriyaki sauce!!! On the flip side, there was a Chik-fil-A close by, and Brandon was content afterwards.

From the road, this exit was not very promising, but there was a temple close by, and the canyon, it was beautiful. My pictures does not do either justice! And this exit also has said Panda Express and Chik-fil-A. I guess they are right, you can't judge a book by its cover. And that goes for exits also!

Happy Weekend!



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