Oh, Just Feeling Like a Crappy Mom

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Mason's sleep habits are totally crazy these days. He's been waking up at 2am, and he doesn't go to sleep until after 10pm. He does sleep in until 8am, but I need that 10pm to be more like 7pm.

Tonight, I figure I would lay in bed with him and see if he will go to sleep. He thought about it, but that's all that happened. Giving up, I threw him in his Pack N Play (crib is not yet put together). I could hear his cries from downstairs, straining at my heart. I couldn't stand hearing him so I went in the garage to finish staining my shelves. I could still hear him.

That was so hard, and it's always hard to hear him cry. I really just want to get him, and hug him, and tell him that I love him. And would I be doing a disservice to him? I don't know. But honestly, I can't bear it. I love my little guy so very much.


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