When in Doubt, Just Do

Thursday, November 19, 2015

It's been absolutely wonderful to fill our space with the things that we love. We still have quite a long ways to go as there are things to buy, and projects to do. With Mason, I find that the time for these things are either during nap time or late into the night. There is a lot more online shopping versus in store shopping. Sometimes I hate those delivery surcharge and shipping fees but it does make life easier.

I've taken some risk on some items for the house, and I'm hoping it works out, but I'm not sure completely. On the plus side, I don't want things too matchy anyways so I think it will all turn out okay. I've been following our cousin's advice on just buying whatever it is and putting it into our home. When I think that I have made a bad decision, I just go with it and make it work. Prime example: the rugs for the living room and the kitchen. Every morning they would just glare at me, and I would stare back. The longer I stared, the more I believed that they were too small for the space. I moved them to the bonus room and to Mason's room, and I really like the change. Both areas are now lacking in that cozy comfort though but I do have a rug coming for the living room. Fingers crossed that I will love the color!

House Projects:
1. The shelvings above! Thanks to our cousins for all the tips and tricks and tools. I can't wait to share the after pictures with you.
2. The TV box. I want it to be holiday ready and we have a long way to go.
3. Dining room bench. I want to paint it, and I've yet to figure out what color.

Thanks for reading!

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