Our Easter

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter was especially great this year, for many reasons. Brandon's dad was in town for Easter so we got to see him. His mom wasn't able to come this time around so we sure missed Grandma! Not only that but Brandon's grandma had a big birthday so we were able to go and celebrate with her the day before Easter. It was really good to see family, and meet another baby. Brandon's cousin had a 5-month old and it was our first time meeting her. She was not picky at all, and was such a good baby!

We had a little Easter egg hunt with Brandon's niece and nephews. It was fun watching them search for eggs, and it was fun to see Mason learn from them. He loves popping the eggs open. He watches this video on YouTube that has these surprise eggs so it must remind him of that video. He's a funny guy! He loves sweets so I treated him to some chocolates in his eggs :)

It was my first time being in my brother-in-law's house since my sister-in-law's passing. It was hard at first, and I anticipated that, but entering the house, and seeing her pictures, that was especially hard. I keep expecting her to walk out of their bedroom at any point. It feels like her presence is still there, which I loved. I can imagine her there laughing as her kids search for their Easter baskets. There is certainly an emptiness, her emptiness. But my brother-in-law and the kids' energy are wonderful, and their voices and laughters fills their house and my heart.

I am especially grateful to have been able to celebrate Easter with so many of our families this year.


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