Things I Loved in August

Friday, September 2, 2016

August was good. But to be quite honest, September must be my favorite. Our air conditioning went out in August, and as we moved into September, the lower temperatures and even the overcast made me happy. 38 weeks pregnant, I'm embracing the cooler temperatures. But August was good. My favorite things this past month!

1. Stranger Things. We had taken a TV hiatus. There just wasn't any shows that we felt was worth watching. And we had decided to make reading in the evening a priority. I had borrowed tons of books from the library, and was making record pace through those, and feeling just very full, unlike the feelings you get from zoning in front of the TV. So when Brandon heard about Stranger Things on NPR, he wanted us to watch it together. He watched the first episode with his mom and brother when he was in Utah so when he got home, he wanted me to watch the first episode so we could watch the series together. I'm horrible at synopsis so I won't bore you, but the show was excellent! It's set back in the days when kids could ride their bicycles late at night, which was appealing to me. Those simpler times. But everything else that happens on the show is crazy, but also interesting. I totally recommend this show! Oh, and did I mention that they got renewed for Season 2?!!! You can read about that here.

2. Thirty One Tote Bag. My friend gave me a Thirty One Tote bag along with some things for the baby. I'm not super familiar with this brand, but was blown away by this bag! I've been using it as a diaper bag, and love how many pockets there are. The straps are also wide and sturdy enough that I don't feel it pinching my shoulders. You can shop directly with her here.

3. Portable DVD Player. We do quite a bit of road tripping with Mason, and previously, it has been a nightmare. I don't blame him though because road tripping is kind of boring, especially when you are doing the same route over and over again, and there's nobody to talk to. I usually like it though because it's our time to talk. Honestly we see each other everyday, but don't always talk. Anyone else the same way? Anyways, I digress. This DVD Player has been a lifesaver! We got him three DVDs (Paw Patrol, Blaze, and Balto) and switch between them, and so far, it's been easier traveling long distances.

4. Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate. I've been using this oil religiously in the evening before my moisturizer, and my skin has been feeling so soft! I use about 4 drops, and I still have so much last so this is a great value.

5. Soap & Glory Hand Food. Between the bathroom trips, changing diapers, and getting good for Mason and I, I wash my hands so much throughout the day. They are so dry! Not to mention, during pregnancy, my skin gets really dry anyways. This hand lotion is thick and has been such a life saver.

Happy September!


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