back in the days

Monday, October 6, 2014

my in-laws & sil came down to visit us for a week. we so miss them already! we tried to fit in as much stuff as we could and were able to do some things that we have never done before.
on one of the days, we went down to decatur and visited the dekalb history center. i used to have a client right down the road from decatur square so i was familiar with the restaurants, but didn't know that there was a history center right on the square. bd thought there was free parking. unfortunately, there wasn't but parking was cheap and right there on the square so we parked and visited the history center.

i love quotes so had to take a picture of this. 

look at those awesome pillars!

cool sewing machine. i can't quite remember what that big thing is though.


 it was fun reading about appliances from back then and how they came about. the ads are very interesting and run to read.

i've always wondered why in the world anyone thought colored tiles, sinks & toilets were cool. there is a reason apparently.
 my parents have wood paneling in their house so i won't hate on those wood panels :) i actually quite like this living room. simple & clean.
there were so many wonderful pictures. i love the styles back in the day. and the hair, seriously, the hair! i love it!

we went to callanwolde fine arts center hoping to get a tour. bd found a website saying that the tours were free without a guide. however, once we got there, the lady at the front wasn't very nice and there was no free tour. we were very sad but we did walk around the property. it is gorgeous.
happy monday!

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