mw: seven weeks

Friday, August 29, 2014

it's amazing how fast time is passing and how quickly he is growing. now that he can see farther away, he is finally staring at the little animals on his rocker. he can stare at them for a while too. it's fun just to watch him look at them.
he is growing out of his newborn clothes and i'm afraid he is growing out of his size 1 diapers as well. i hope to use them for a few more days, but we'll see. we haven't had a diaper explosion in a while now, but i'm afraid we may be nearing that bridge again. his neck continues to grow strong. he loves to take baths as well. i'll have to tell you all about the best bath tub that i've found. and best because of the incidents that this child has had.
he has started smiling a little, it comes and goes. the other day, he gave his dad a little smile and filled with joy, his dad guffawed. yes, flat out guffawed - bd style. if you know him, when he laughs, it is a little cray cray. well, his guffaw scared the little smile right out of mw and he started crying. it was cute.
we love this little guy and love watching him grow up!
happy friday!

"what are these things mommy?"

"you are not cuter than me!"

"i will stare you down if i must!"

"i'm the cutest of them all!"

6 weeks check up

Monday, August 25, 2014

i had my 6-week checkup with my doctor this morning. i weighed in at 118 lbs. my midwife said that i can start upping my exercise. the only thing that i have really been doing is walking. i have done a little bit of yoga and another post-pregnancy workout video, but that has been minimal. i'll continue to increase the number of days that i work out and continue to try different work outs as my body allows.
i'm not in a rush to get back my body. i just want to continue to work out and be able to walk up a flight of stairs without breathing hard ;) 

i still have a bulge on my belly so this picture may be a bit misleading.

excited to work out again!

first: church

after the short hiatus, we are back at church and it was mw's first time at church. i have been wanting to put him in the outfit below and was so excited for him to wear it as it is just so cute. he looks like an old little asian man haha! we received this outfit from our friends, the e. bd saw the outfit and immediately knew who it was from since the e' kids are always in little pant/suit outfits. i didn't realize that bd notices kids' fashion but apparently he does!
mw got a lot of loving and he did very good with our friends that held him.

this outfit came with a little clip on tie; however, he wasn't very comfortable with it on when he was in the car seat so we had to put it away. i didn't get a full picture of his outfit & wished i had taken one!!! :(

tired & fussy after church.

daddy & son sunday nap.

my two favorite boys.
hope you are all having an awesome monday!

review: origins mega-bright skin tone correcting serum

Friday, August 22, 2014

if you have read this post, then you know that dark spots are my nemesis. i'm still trying to figure out what works for these darn dark spots and i tried origins mega-bright skin tone correcting serum, but it didn't do anything for my dark spots. i do love the way it smells and how it feels on my skin, but that doesn't justify using this. when a serum promises something, that is what i expect so unfortunately as much as i love all things origins, this product is a thumbs down for me.

on a happier note, happy friday!


won't you smile for mama?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

i've been trying to get mw to smile and laugh. i think we are close. in the meantime, enjoy!
"whachu want me to do?"
"you crazy!"
"i ain't never gonna smile!"
"no i won't!"

"i'm out!"

one month pediatrician visit

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

yesterday i cursed living in an apartment with elevators for the first time. it's always a pain to carry mw in his car seat, especially now that he weighs more. so there i was with mw in his car seat, diaper bag, and a store bag since we were going to make a pit stop on the way back from his pediatrician visit. i walked to the elevator, and it's not normally a long walk but with the aforementioned things that i was carrying, it seemed like a really long walk. of course, i get to the first elevator, and it's reserved. so i'm trying to decide if i want to walk over to the second elevator or just take the stairs. i opted for the second elevator. i get to the second elevator, and they are testing it. i just wanted to scream! since i had brought the baby bjorn, i put that on, and put him in it, and walked back, past the first elevator, and started down the stairs. i had parked on the 2nd floor of the parking deck. there were lots of stops on the way.
so there i was, with baby in baby carrier, diaper bag in the car seat, all lop sided, just walking and stopping every few steps. stupid elevators!
anyhow, i got to the car, put the car seat in and put mw in his car seat. of course, he is crying and i'm thinking maybe he'll be quiet once the car starts going. but no, he doesn't. so before we pulled onto the highway, i stopped on the side of the road, and fed my little brat, just enough so we could get there since we were already running behind. writing all this now makes it seem so trivial, but in the moment, it was a little mountain that i didn't know if i could overcome.
anyways, onto more important things. his one month stats!
height: 21 1/4 inches (26%)
weight: 10 lb (49%)
head circumference: 14 1/2 inches (15%)
bd had texted me before the appointment, hoping that he was at least 8 lbs, but nope! he was more than that. 10 lbs! that's about a little under a pound gained a week so i'm really proud of my little squirt. hopefully he starts growing a little taller as well, but only my short genes can be to blame for that :)

afterwards, we went to the mall to walk around. the h&m at perimeter mall by far has the best kids' clothes that i have seen so far. i definitely know where i'll go to get him some cute clothes when i need to get some more.
of course, i had to feed him in the car before we came home. i'm starting to realize that i need to be ready at all times, especially if i'm going to go out and about. it is a little more work, but it keeps me sane.
happy tuesday!

face time

one of the things that mw does everyday is face time with his grandma & grandpa, bd's parents. mw loves face timing with them and loves hearing their voices and seeing them. we can't wait for them to meet mw in september! 

when a man becomes a father

Sunday, August 17, 2014

when does a man become a father? i suppose that begs the question of when a woman becomes a mother. are we all born with maternal/paternal instincts? do some of us have those instincts more than others?
i know not, but when bd tells me about meeting mw for the first time, i think that was when that paternal instinct kicked him for him. it is so cute for me to watch the two of them together. 

daddy is just a little tired. 

at least one of us is getting some sleep.

tummy time. 

bottle time. 

he is so good at the bottle. 

holding his neck up. he loves to look at people. 

i just love these two.

seeing sheeps.

getting distracted.

oh picture time again?

back to thinking deep thoughts.
happy sunday!

weekend wanderings: your dekalb farmers market

Saturday, August 16, 2014

i've been hearing about the dekalb farmers market all these years, and finally after a girlfriend told me about it again, we decided to venture out to that part of town and check out the market. as we got closer, bd realized that it was actually really close to his previous workplace. the store had what seemed like hundreds of flags representing different countries. i assume that these might represent the variety of foods that the market sells. since it was quite busy, we basically raced around and bought vegetables, fruits, rice and chicken and came back. i wouldn't mind going on a weekday to peruse the aisles and look at every little spice and products that they sell.

mw loves riding in the car. he knocks out, and if i'm not mistaken, kids generally like riding in cars? his cheeks are just so cute!

i'm borrowed this baby bjorn from my girlfriend and i love it. carrying his car seat is difficult for me and i much prefer to carry him on me.

happy saturday!


mw: one month

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

happy one month mw!
he's still waking up about every 3 hours to eat at night. his neck is getting stronger. his eyes are brownish-grey. he's getting breastfed with bottle feeding at least once a day. he took to the bottle pretty quickly. he still looks pretty serious the majority of the time. we are working on teaching him to smile, but no true smile yet.
we did end up getting him the mama roo, and he will sleep in that for about 30 minutes at one time which has been a huge help for me. we stopped swaddling him, hoping that he'll learn to sleep with his hands free. However, we are back to swaddling him when he sleeps since he sleeps way better with his arms wrapped.
i borrowed a friend's baby bjorn and so far, he seems to like it. it's nice since i can walk around our apartment complex. we did end up walking around yesterday and i met a nice stay at home mom in our complex, who brought me some chicken soup today :)
we are very tired, but still feeling very blessed. some days, i have to pinch myself because it is still so unreal to have a little one. we are looking forward to what the second month brings!

mw: first bath

Saturday, August 9, 2014

our stinky little man finally had his first bath today. we weren't really sure if he would enjoy it.

that sweet little face. 

i could just kiss those cheeks everyday.

uh-oh! he's not feeling the water. 

somewhere only we know

Friday, August 8, 2014

i've been pondering this thought for a while now, but only after discussing this with a girlfriend this week did i think it deserved its own posts. before i dive into this, i want to preface by saying that i have a ton of girlfriends who are stay at home moms and prior to having mw, i've sympathized, although never really understanding, with them about their role as stay at home moms and the lack of appreciation that they receive.

the past 4 weeks has been really tough. let's just say that after the first day alone, i considered asking bd to stay home with mw full time so i can go to work after my 6-weeks of paid maternity leave. i had all sorts of thoughts where i wasn't sitting at home with mw. not because i don't love him. not because i don't care. but because it was hard, and i didn't know if i could handle it.

i've been working full time for about 5 years now. and it's not easy in public accounting. the hours are long. i deal with a lot of people, internally and externally. my mind is on multiple things, throughout the day. it's really hard sometimes.

but only now do i realize that watching a child is really hard too. some days, i don't get to wash my face until bd comes home. sometimes i am trying to figure when i can actually eat. some days he cries and i can't seem to figure out how to appease him. he can't tell me what he needs and i just feel helpless as i try the different ways to soothe him. sometimes i hold him and he is looking so comfy that i keep my arm in that uncomfortable position just so that i don't disturb him. partly because i love him, and partly because if he wakes up, i don't know if i can soothe him again. my day just disappears and when i look back, i feel like it just went to waste. there has no sort of accomplishment. nobody to say good job. no list to cross off because nothing has been done. the house isn't cleaned. the dishes aren't done. the clothes aren't washed. and it's not like i can just walk away for an hour. or take a 15-minute break. or walk to my coworker's desk to talk for a little. or walk outside to get some fresh air.

this post isn't for sympathy or for empathy. if you choose to think that stay at home moms have an easy job, that is fine. it's something that you have to go through before you know what it's truly like. and after these last couple of weeks on my maternity leave, i am starting to understand what it entails. it's not me reading magazines, doing crafts, and just hanging out. it's not me taking a nap whenever i want to, or even when he does. it is a lot more and a lot complicated than that.

one of our couple friends gave us some advice early on in our marriage, and i never thought that i would have to refer to it one day, but yet here i am. she stayed home. and he worked. and coincidentally, he was in public accounting as well. they said that you just can't compare the two. one job isn't harder than the other. you just can't even let that thought enter your mind. and now i realize what they both mean.

it's hard to know what watching a child entails until you do it. and only then do you know. within the confines of the four walls of your house, only do you know.


mw: three weeks old

Sunday, August 3, 2014

i'm a bit behind on this post, but mw is now over three weeks old. he's filling out his car seat. he's filling out his newborn clothes. there's been quite a bit of diaper explosions. i'm talking me having to shower myself. we are still on newborn diapers, although i am thinking that after we finish this pack, we may have to move onto size 1. he's getting a couple of nasty diaper rashes so we are letting him dry first in between diaper changes and layering on the baby powder to keep his skin dry. as first time parents, it's a bit scary seeing his rashes but we hope to figure out a good balance.

we haven't given him a bath yet, but am ordering him a little bathtub and hoping to give him a bath once it arrives. it seems like his umbilical cord is healing well so we are both happy about that. looks like he'll have an outie.

he's growing up so fast and i'm excited to see all the changes in my little boy.

have a great week!


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