origins high-potency night-a-mins mineral-enriched renewal cream

Monday, June 2, 2014

 this last trimester, my skin has been especially dry (see article here). my favorite moisturizer needed a little something extra. instead of changing my daytime moisturizer, i opted for something a little more moisturizing at night. ever since i started using origins last year, i've been loving a lot of their products so when i needed something extra, i decided to look into a moisturizer from their line.
when i told the origins lady my dry skin concerns, she recommended this cream. i love the smell of it and the consistency is perfect. it is definitely a lot more moisturizing than my day-time moisturizer. i've been using this at night time after cleaning and toning and i am loving it. it definitely restores the moisture and i'm less dry during the day and can use my regular daytime moisturizer.

i love the packaging. it looks fancy and looks good on your vanity.

because it's thicker, this will definitely last me a while. i'm actually worried that my skin will go back to being more oily and i might not be able to use it all before then.

you can see here how thick it is, but by morning time, it's all absorbed into my skin and my skin feels super soft.

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