pregnancy no-nos

Sunday, April 13, 2014

prior to my pregnancy, i really had no clue about what my knocked-up girlfriends went through. i mean, they made it look so easy. handling their other babies. washing dishes. working. looking all cute. reading their scriptures. going to church. all while smiling. and i'm over here like, tired, disheveled, and zoned out.

i never really considered the things that they went through, the sacrifices they made, the morning sicknesses they had, the foods they couldn't eat, the things they couldn't do. and now, i'm facing all those things right now. and boy, is it a lot of sacrifices. don't get me wrong, it's all worth making the sacrifice for. i've felt so many emotions that i've never felt before, and he is not even here yet. but i've come to realize how hard it can be to do this for nine months. the lows you feel. the highs you feel. and the ever which way you can feel sometimes that is just not explainable, but helps to just shed some tears.

as i have progressed through my pregnancy, i've learned more about some of the sacrifices that comes with it.

1. no smoking/alcohol. not an issue for me.
2. no activities that involve the risk of falling. i have someone to thank for this. this includes skiing, which i was going to attempt for the first time during my first trimester. not a good idea.
3. don't do anything that will raise your body temperature too high. this includes vigorous exercise. exercise is good, but now is not the time to go cray cray and try to set any personal records.
4. say no to toxic products. if you have to get a nursery ready, have your husband or a friend help you paint instead. and air that room out.
5. no sushi. this made me really sad. really, really sad. but i got to re-enjoy good ole' california rolls.
6. no deli meats. during my second trimester, all i could think about was sandwiches, so this was super duper hard. but i did order a lot of hot sandwiches so that worked out.
7. no raw eggs. i also did not know this until one of my clients told me, but restaurant-made caesar salad dressings typically have raw eggs. i was quite disappointed since there was a week that i couldn't stop thinking about caesar salads.
8. say no to high mercury fish. i was told to limit fish anyways since they do all have some mercury in them. but if you are craving some, eat the ones that typically have lower levels of mercury.
9. no caffeine. i don't drink coffee, but i do drink some herbal teas. and the other day, i actually read that there are some herbal teas that aren't recommended during pregnancy. who knew?!
10. laying on your back is not recommended once you progress towards your third trimester. the increased weight puts pressure on your vein that brings the blood from your lower body to your heart. i was really worried about this the first couple of times that i woke up on my back. i never really slept on my back pre-pregnancy so it was odd to wake up on my back. if you do end up on your back, don't fret. as long as you are not on your back for an extended period of time, i think you are okay.

these are just some of the things that i can think of that i've learned over my pregnancy so there are probably a lot more that i haven't added on here. let me know if i miss any big ones here. i'm always still learning.


thanks for the dress A!


  1. It is true!! All the things you don't consider! I've always said "I don't know how moms do it all", but now I'm really scared...! LOL Biggest issue in your list for me has been trying not to sleep on my back.. ugh!

    1. Just last night, I woke up on my back several times. It's so much more comfortable then sleeping on my side. My shoulders have been hurting from laying on my side :(


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