why everyone needs an asian friend (or two, or three, or more)

Friday, April 18, 2014

one word. eggrolls. even if you have nothing to talk about, you can always just eat together. no talking involved. and if you do happen to start talking, you'll realize you might have something in common. and if you don't, then like i said, you can always just eat together.

if you can get yourself to that person's house when he/she is making eggrolls, then you have definitely scored. eggrolls are so much better fresh. the skin is still crispy and the insides are still piping hot. i grew up eating while my mom was cooking. she always encouraged us to eat then because the food is best right out of the oven, fryer, stovetop, etc. so of course, into my adulthood, i love eating while i am still preparing food. i tend to not be hungry once i am done cooking, but i savor the bites that were fresh.

this whole week, i had been thinking about eggrolls. the weather was a deterrent for me to go to the international supermarket, but finally i mustered up the energy and ran to the store and grab all my ingredients and made myself some yummy eggrolls. i have been eating a ton of eggrolls and i won't divulge the number of eggrolls since it is a bit embarrassing, but let's just say, my cravings are satisfied.


the mess my baby daddy had to clean up 

taking a break from his studying to help me

recipe here

gotta make sure they are nice and brown and not burnt

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