Mason's Personality

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Mason is an incredibly sweet boy. He loves to smile and he loves to laugh. He loves cuddling and hugs. I think he is going to be a bit on the sensitive side. The other day, Brandon came home and started yelling Mason's name. I was still feeding him so his face was looking away from Brandon. He could only hear the yelling. I initially thought that he was going to lean back and look up to wherever Brandon's voice came from. However, he just stopped eating, face frozen. Brandon yelled a couple more time to try and get Mason's attention. All of a sudden, Mason's face turned into a cute frown and he starts bawling. It was so sad (but still so cute!). Brandon came and snuggled the cry out of him. Because of this, and many other instances, I really believe that Mason will be sensitive.

He is a very curious boy. He loves to look around, and I am starting to fear the day that he becomes mobile. He loves when I throw him in the air (or maybe all babies love this?). He giggles when I kiss his tummy, and when I squeeze his thighs. He loves to babble and coo in his high-pitched voice.

I love seeing his personality form, and can't wait to see more as he grows up!



  1. He's adorable! It is fun to watch him grow, and hear of your love for him, from a distance. So grateful for the internet. Give that little guy an extra hug from me. <3


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