on Bed-sharing

Thursday, January 29, 2015

When I first admitted to friends about letting Mason sleep in our bed with us, I didn't know there was a term for it. We primarily allowed him to sleep in our bed because his crib was not yet put together, and since I had gone back to work, having that time together was so nice, even though we were just all sleeping. Mason would sleep in between us, and sometimes I would just stare at him while he slept. Creepy, I know! Some nights, he would start to turn horizontal, and I would wake up, centimeters away from the edge. You see, we only have a queen size bed so it is quite small for the three of us. However, I loved having him sleep with us. On the weekends, we would lay in bed, and snuggle for a little bit.

Eventually, he became a bit too big and we couldn't all sleep comfortably, so now we have moved to co-sleeping, which is yet another term that I wasn't familiar with. I had thought that I would prefer to have him sleep in his own room, but when it came time, I realized how nice it is to have him close by. On nights that he keeps us up, that does mean that the both of us are up. However, it is nice to have him close by. On the weekends, his little head would poke up and he would look around for signs of life. If I'm up already, I would hide so he can't see me. Weird, I know! But I just love watching him look around. Sometimes, he would lay there and look at his hands and just rub his bedding with his hand. I wonder what he's thinking about?

I am not sure if he will always stay in our room, but for now, we love co-sleeping!

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