the first trimester

Friday, April 4, 2014

as i am nearing my third trimester, i figure i should jot down a few remnants of my first trimester before i forget.

to say i was tired was an understatement. i was completely wiped. i couldn't keep my eyes open past 7pm. i recall several times where the baby daddy would want to talk in the evening, and i would just have to tell him that i can't focus on what he was saying anymore. i needed sleep! i needed sleep so bad. and it felt so good. especially sunday naps. oh, those were just so good! and i did not fight the urge to sleep. i don't know if you can even fight that urge, to just close your eyes and drift off into...nightmares.

oh my! the dreams. they were crazy. and they were vivid. and sometimes, even dreams within dreams. i remember wishing i wouldn't dream so much because i would wake up more tired than before, even after 10, 11 or 12 hours of sleep. i always thought when you are dreaming, you are in deep sleep. and deep sleep was supposed to be super restful. but not during my first trimester.

i didn't have morning sickness. at least not throwing up and all that fun stuff. my taste buds were definitely out of whack though. before i would eat anything, i did this weird thing. i would visualize myself eating something, and that was how i could kind of figure out if it was going to taste good, or not. it was the oddest thing ever, being that i am not a very picky eater. i love food, most types of food. this food thing was probably the most frustrating part for me. i couldn't bring my lunch to work because i had to wait until lunchtime to figure out what my taste buds wanted. it totally ruled my life (and it still does). please, someone! tell me you know what i mean, and that i am not just crazy!!!

minty gum. i loved minty gum prior to my pregnancy. i wasn't much of a sweet flavored gum girl. i always wonder who would eat sweet flavored gum. wasn't the point of gum to make your breath all minty and everything? well, i couldn't stand the taste of minty gum for a few months. and then i realized, sweet flavored gum were probably made for knocked-up girls like myself. well, probably not, but that made sense to me. i'm going back to minty gum currently, but it does leave a little bit of a funky taste in my mouth currently.

i discovered my secret power during my first trimester. the power of the smell. and boy, this is one power i didn't want. i could smell the faintest of smell, and sometimes, they were not very good.

but thankfully, that is all behind me now.



  1. Congratulations

  2. Super Sniffer! Just like Gus on Psych.

  3. Oh my God!! You are so pretty and happy!)) My congrats for you and your man!))

    ery nice blog by the way :)

    kisses from Russia,

  4. You look amazing! Just glowing :-)


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