our baby registry trip

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

we attempted our first baby registry trip. it was every bit as unproductive as i suspected. i think i came out of there more overwhelmed than i went in. the ladies there were super helpful, but anytime there is anything baby-related on my mind, i just start to shrivel up. it all seems to be coming up so fast and i am not even sure where to start, quite frankly. i am glad that we did go and at least start thinking about what we'll need for this little little babe.

please tell me what are your top must-haves? this includes for baby, for me, for everything pregnant-related. i need to start getting my overnight bag together, along with baby stuff and i would rather start slowly purchasing stuff than spending a butt load of money in one day.


the face of a first time daddy

i have no clue what this is, but the list says it's a must-have!

so many things.


  1. Oh man you went to Baby R Us! That place gives me the shakes. The first time I walked out I thought I'd never be able to afford or take care of a kid. I only walk in for gift cards now because that's all I can stand. Totally asks moms for what you really need. They will help you narrow it down.

    1. Haha! That is exactly how I felt!

  2. Huge congrats and best wishes!


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