the business of being born

Friday, March 28, 2014

while talking with a coworker, she suggested that i watch this film, the business of being born. it's a documentary and "explores the history of obstetrics, the history and function of midwives, and how many common medical practices may be doing new mothers more harm than good."

instead of grabbing a movie for our Friday night, we watched this. it was spectacular. it was super informative and is currently making me think about a lot of different things right now.

on my last doctor visit, the nurse gave me some paperwork to fill out for my birth plan. who knew there was such a thing? but there actually is! it's basically a plan for your delivery, and it is a smart idea since there is quite a bit of things to think about. for first time mamas like myself, it was a good idea for me to start thinking about the day!

hence, why we watched the film. my loverboy wasn't very keen of watching such a film on a friday night, but being that he was my baby's daddy, he had no choice. it was an eye opener for both him and i. i won't spoil it for you, but whether you are expecting, or are planning a family someday, i think you should consider watching this film.


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