mw: seven weeks

Friday, August 29, 2014

it's amazing how fast time is passing and how quickly he is growing. now that he can see farther away, he is finally staring at the little animals on his rocker. he can stare at them for a while too. it's fun just to watch him look at them.
he is growing out of his newborn clothes and i'm afraid he is growing out of his size 1 diapers as well. i hope to use them for a few more days, but we'll see. we haven't had a diaper explosion in a while now, but i'm afraid we may be nearing that bridge again. his neck continues to grow strong. he loves to take baths as well. i'll have to tell you all about the best bath tub that i've found. and best because of the incidents that this child has had.
he has started smiling a little, it comes and goes. the other day, he gave his dad a little smile and filled with joy, his dad guffawed. yes, flat out guffawed - bd style. if you know him, when he laughs, it is a little cray cray. well, his guffaw scared the little smile right out of mw and he started crying. it was cute.
we love this little guy and love watching him grow up!
happy friday!

"what are these things mommy?"

"you are not cuter than me!"

"i will stare you down if i must!"

"i'm the cutest of them all!"


  1. Yes, time totally flies doesn't it?!?!? What a cutie pie you have! I totally want to kiss those cheeks :)

    1. I know! I'm just now looking back at his pictures and seeing so much changes. It's so fun!


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