mw: one month

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

happy one month mw!
he's still waking up about every 3 hours to eat at night. his neck is getting stronger. his eyes are brownish-grey. he's getting breastfed with bottle feeding at least once a day. he took to the bottle pretty quickly. he still looks pretty serious the majority of the time. we are working on teaching him to smile, but no true smile yet.
we did end up getting him the mama roo, and he will sleep in that for about 30 minutes at one time which has been a huge help for me. we stopped swaddling him, hoping that he'll learn to sleep with his hands free. However, we are back to swaddling him when he sleeps since he sleeps way better with his arms wrapped.
i borrowed a friend's baby bjorn and so far, he seems to like it. it's nice since i can walk around our apartment complex. we did end up walking around yesterday and i met a nice stay at home mom in our complex, who brought me some chicken soup today :)
we are very tired, but still feeling very blessed. some days, i have to pinch myself because it is still so unreal to have a little one. we are looking forward to what the second month brings!

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