weekend wanderings: your dekalb farmers market

Saturday, August 16, 2014

i've been hearing about the dekalb farmers market all these years, and finally after a girlfriend told me about it again, we decided to venture out to that part of town and check out the market. as we got closer, bd realized that it was actually really close to his previous workplace. the store had what seemed like hundreds of flags representing different countries. i assume that these might represent the variety of foods that the market sells. since it was quite busy, we basically raced around and bought vegetables, fruits, rice and chicken and came back. i wouldn't mind going on a weekday to peruse the aisles and look at every little spice and products that they sell.

mw loves riding in the car. he knocks out, and if i'm not mistaken, kids generally like riding in cars? his cheeks are just so cute!

i'm borrowed this baby bjorn from my girlfriend and i love it. carrying his car seat is difficult for me and i much prefer to carry him on me.

happy saturday!


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