first: church

Monday, August 25, 2014

after the short hiatus, we are back at church and it was mw's first time at church. i have been wanting to put him in the outfit below and was so excited for him to wear it as it is just so cute. he looks like an old little asian man haha! we received this outfit from our friends, the e. bd saw the outfit and immediately knew who it was from since the e' kids are always in little pant/suit outfits. i didn't realize that bd notices kids' fashion but apparently he does!
mw got a lot of loving and he did very good with our friends that held him.

this outfit came with a little clip on tie; however, he wasn't very comfortable with it on when he was in the car seat so we had to put it away. i didn't get a full picture of his outfit & wished i had taken one!!! :(

tired & fussy after church.

daddy & son sunday nap.

my two favorite boys.
hope you are all having an awesome monday!

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