a little on the high risk side

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

my workplace had a health screening at the end of april. since they have been doing the annual health screening, i've been participating every year. it's free and plus, i sometimes forget to get my annual physical so i like to participate as a way for me to make sure everything is going fine.

when i saw my number for my cholesterol, i about freaked out. 278 was pretty darn high. less than 200 is desirable and here i am at 278. as you can see, i was previously 176 and 162. the gentleman who was going over my results with me wasn't super concerned since in the past two years, my levels were good. he has kids of his own and seeing as i was pregnant, he reassured me that this is normal. as long as i felt good otherwise, this wasn't a cause for concern as my body is going through a lot.

i read some articles here, here and here which made me feel a lot better. i'll definitely go back and get an annual test after i have this little guy. in the meantime, i'll just try to listen to my body and do what i feel is best for it.


memorial holiday

Monday, May 26, 2014

for my primary class at church yesterday, i brought these sugar cookies for my kids. they each had two and their mouths were blue with the food coloring. it's been a blast teaching them and getting to know each of them, and their personalities. bd and i were talking yesterday about each of our callings at church, and how i have been really enjoying mine. i think it's due to knowing that i'll have a little one and i will have to teach him things, not just about the gospel, but about life in general.

but when my primary kids were coloring and eating their cookies, it just made me that much more grateful for all that served and died for this country. that we could all be here, enjoying the sunshine and the day off, but those who sacrificed their life and time can't be. i'm grateful to call this country home and grateful to those who have served.


 last year in st. augustine. i want to go back!

picking an overnight bag

Saturday, May 24, 2014

i've been thinking a lot about what i need to put into my overnight bag. the funny thing is that i don't even have an overnight bag! that almost seems odd to say since i feel like everyone has a weekender bag that they can take on trips, but when we go out of town, we've always used my small suitcase and that has worked for us. however, i figure this was the perfect time to look into getting a weekend bag that would be perfect for bringing to the hospital with me, as well as when we go on trips. i've been looking at a couple of different ones and i just can't decide.

which one do you think i should get?

i love the gray and i think this print is just adorable and so fun.

this one is a classic. i love stripes and this is so nautical and so perfect.
this one is so cute, but most likely i will not be owning due to the price. ah, a girl can dream right?
i love the blue ikat pattern and the price is super right! i feel like the faux leather is not going to last long since i am an abuser of bags, but for the price, i think it's okay for how long it will probably last.
i actually saw this one (not the exact design but similar) and i like the size. it seems to fit a lot and should fit all the things i need for the hospital (i think).
this is similar to the last one, just a different pattern. these patterns aren't my typical but after spending time with one of my girlfriends who is a lot more adventurous when it comes to patterns (and which i love how she dresses), i figure i shouldn't be afraid of patterns :)
is this not the cutest ikat pattern ever? a little pricier, but so darn cute!!!
i couldn't exclude vera bradley on this list. i've been eyeing their travel bags forever now but have yet to make a purchase. i love this cute print. and the print is also on sale! another bonus.
which one is your favorite & why? is there any other bag that i haven't listed that i should look into?

all the lovin'

Friday, May 23, 2014

is it just me or does a couple draw closer during pregnancy? it's not that we weren't close before. we have been married for 8 years so we have gotten to know each other quite a bit prior to my pregnancy. we've been each other's best friend, confidante, cheerleader, shoulder to cry on (his shoulder, not mine), therapist, and so many more.

i am quite fond of him and i am grateful to have a life partner as wonderful as he is.

maybe it's the idea that we created something together. the new experience that we are having. the thought that we created another little human. and as my belly bump grows, he is growing and becoming more human-like.

this has been an unbelievable journey thus far. i am more than grateful to be able to have this opportunity. and i look forward to many years of learning to be parents with my life partner. to having many more experiences as our lives change.

@ 32 weeks - that means less than 8 weeks left.

thanks for the beautiful necklace j!

i definitely notice my face gaining some baby weight.

flats are my best friends these days.

i've been trying to stay super hydrated and vita coco has been my favorite.

happy weekend. this weekend's to-do is to tidy up my baby registry. baby shower is next weekend and i can't wait!
happy weekend!

how a new addition is changing us

Thursday, May 22, 2014

bd and i have been talking about how our view on our future is changing. i always thought that we would just go about our days the same as before, but somehow we are already thinking about things so much differently.

there is so much to think about and so many more things to fear, but we have both agreed that the way our views are changing are definitely for the better, and definitely putting us in the path that we want to be.

i have to admit that i am scared of permanence. i am scared of being too attached. i am scared of being tied down. i like the idea of being able to leave whenever we want to, to move somewhere else if we got tired of one place. but lately, we are itching for that permanence, for a place to call home, for an abode for our little family.

i'm unsure if we will get all that we are asking for and wishing for. i'm unsure if our plans will work out to what we want them to be like. things always takes longer in reality than in my mind. but for now, we have put some little baby steps towards what we feel is right for us right now. and i couldn't be more excited and happy.


first visit with the new doctor

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

i had my first doctor appointment with the new practice today and really enjoyed them. if you recalled this post, i switched hospitals which meant finding a new doctor. i liked my previous doctor, but after much thought and deliberation, i felt like switching was the best thing for me to do.

the new practice is a little further away, as so is the hospital, but i didn't mind. i didn't have to wait as long which was nice, since this practice appears to be less busy then my old place. i met with the nurse practitioner today and she was really sweet and patient. we probably spoke for a little over 30 minutes and she was very reassuring, and it was just easy to talk with her and ask her questions. i had a good vibe about them and am feeling a lot better about the whole labor process.

she felt my abdomen and told me that he is already head down and his spine is towards the right side of my stomach. i had been curious as to how he is all situated in my abdomen so that was really cool to know. she hopes that his spine doesn't turn towards my spine as that will mean i will have back labor which isn't very comfortable. they will continue to monitor and see where he is at. something interesting that she mentioned was that if he does become breech, they can tell me some exercises to do to encourage him to move away from the breech position.

my stomach is measuring exactly at 31 weeks. it is quite round these days.

bd showed me a picture of how the body looks like during pregnancy. i couldn't find the source of this picture, but i thought it looked a bit crazy. the left picture is before and the right picture is during. look at how squished all the organs are! it's amazing how the body accommodates all that is going on.


clinique's even better clinical dark spot corrector

Sunday, May 18, 2014

last year, i started seeing a couple of dark spots underneath my eye area. admittedly, i have laid out quite a few times when i was younger and we never wore a lot of sunscreen growing up. i'm actually allergic to a lot of sunscreen products which is another story for another time.

i had heard a lot about clinique's even better clinical dark spot corrector cream and so i picked up a bottle to try (the picture below is the 1.7 fl. oz.). i hate buying the larger size of a product because not only is it more expensive, and if i don't see results, i'm also out more money. the lady at the counter said that she recommended the larger size since i needed at least 4 weeks to see results and at least 12 weeks to really see a big impact. she also mentioned that it's best after using two of the larger bottles. i just bought one and i didn't use a ton of it and just dab some where my spots were so that the cream would last longer.

unfortunately, i didn't see results after using this whole bottle. and after trying it, i'm definitely not getting a second bottle.

earlier this year, i saw a video regarding a skin lightener, namely hydroquinone, that alarmed me. on the ingredient list, i can't tell if there is hydroquinone in this product and so i've contacted clinique to ask them about whether this product does contain hydroquinone or not. on the container that this product came in, the product contains a cl-302 complex, which is a bit obscure and not very telling so in the meantime, i'll wait to see what they say.

let me know if there is another skin lightener out there that works and that is more natural without any harsh chemicals. i'm still on the search, but i rather not take the risk for the sake of beauty.


craving lately

Friday, May 16, 2014

my friend took me here for my birthday. i love the ambiance of the restaurant and the food was spectacular. the service was really good. i'm so glad that she told me about this place since it's a lot closer for me. short ribs are so yummy.

 the same friend also told me about this place. bd and i have gone there a couple of times. we absolutely love it. it reminds us of a place that we frequented when we lived more out in the suburbs. this is by far my favorite dish: tandoori chicken. so flavorful.

basmatic rice. oh goodness. 

these reminds me of sausages. i can't quite remember what these are but bd always orders us a couple.

bd ordered us these as well. i tasted a little bit, but i tend to stick with my tandoori chicken. it's all going to my thighs so i usually pick my favorite & stick to it ;)

the line-up. don't they look so guilty?

for bd and my birthday, we went back to tofu village & ordered some korean bbq & bibambap. and yes, those are garlic, and yes, i put one of those in each of my wraps with a piece of meat and some of the salad looking fillings. apparently, garlic = energy. and you know me, i always need some energy.

our waitress was super nice. she came over and helped us stir up our bibambap. i haven't always been a fan of this dish, but this year, i've been eating it more, and i have to say, it's growing on me. it's comforting to me.

the cool thing about this korean restaurant is that they use real coals rather than just a gas cooking top.  

i've been staying hydrated with coconut water. i really like this brand. there's little coconut chunks in it. and it's not super sweet like my favorite brand, but i like that it's not super sweet. confused yet?

baby mangoes that my friend gave to me. it was my first time trying them. delicious with some chili pepper flakes and salt. zico coconut water. 

did you know that moe's gives you a free entree with the purchase of a drink for your birthday? well, now you do. go sign up. and yes, i love tomatillo sauce.

on changing hospitals

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

long before i was pregnant, i thought that when the time comes, i would just get my shot of epidural, have my baby, and be done with it. it really didn't seem like there had to be a lot of thinking done with it. however, when i found out i was expecting, i started to think about things differently. i didn't know there were so many options and so many choices that i could make surrounding labor and birth.

for the last couple of months, i have been fretting about where to this babe of mine. i thought i knew. but then i started to have a nagging feeling that wouldn't go away. i started talking to friends and getting a wide array of stories. i asked where they delivered and how they liked their experiences. i asked about whether they went with the epidural or not. i wanted to know it all. all the stories were super valuable to me in making this decision.

last week, i woke up and the first thing i thought was, i am changing hospitals! there was no unsure feeling inside. i actually felt the most sure that i have ever felt this whole pregnancy.

last night, i looked to make sure the hospital was in network. i then looked up the doctor that one of my friends went to and checked and they were in network. so today, i called the new doctor to schedule my first appointment with them. since my current doctor doesn't deliver at the new hospital, i had no choice but to switch. i was worried since i am at 31 weeks and i wasn't sure exactly how that works, but i'm glad that i was able to make the switch, and quite painless also. my current doctor was great and they were really helpful, but i decided to move over to a doctor and a hospital that seemed to push more for a natural method.

here's to one less thing to worry about. now if i could just figure out which breast pump to buy...so if you have any recommendations, i want to hear your thoughts!!!

@ 31 weeks. my back has been aching more. it's harder to get up when i'm sitting back also.

i've been running to the bathroom a lot more than usual as well.

he's been pushing on the front of my tummy a lot more these days. i can't tell if he is just getting bigger so there is not a lot of room or if he just prefers to hang out in the front versus towards the back. when he does major movements, it is such a weird feeling. it almost feels like he is digging into my intestines. very odd feeling indeed.

thank you for treating me so well so far my little man.
on a cool note, a friend sent me this. it's hmong american day in Minnesota. how neat is that?

someone like you

Sunday, May 11, 2014

thank you for being strong when i'm not.
for being my shoulder to cry on.
and to lean on.

thank you for listening to me, especially at 11pm at night.
for putting my needs first.
and loving me.

thank you for making this life fun.
for always finding humor in everything.
and making me laugh.

thank you for being you.
for always being sweet.
and helping me.

i love you always.
happy birthday my dear.

a few throwbacks to 2012.

this picture describes us best. haha. goofballs :) 

isn't my father in law so talented?!!! he took all these pictures and captured some great moments!

i've been meaning to frame this one!!! and looking at it again, i so need to frame it asap!!! this was when bd broke his pinky.

this guy has so much personality!

tarte cheek stains

Friday, May 9, 2014

with pregnancy, my skin has been a lot more dry than before. i did have more oily/combination skin, but now i'm finding that my skin is a lot more dry. i don't have hormonal break outs either. also, i've noticed that i can actually go a couple of days without washing my hair and my scalp won't feel oily either.

i've tried a couple of the tarte products and so when i saw that they had blushes going for 50% off, i knew i had to get a couple. these are stains as opposed to powder which worked great for my drier skin. it took me forever to decide which colors i wanted, but ending up getting these three: blushing bride, tipsy and natural beauty.

i felt like these three were different, but still colors that i would use.  

the first one above is tipsy (more coral). the second one is blushing bride (more pinky). the last one is natural beauty (a darker red). 

i'm so glad i got these three. they are just so pretty. my favorite is definitely blushing bride. i feel like it is just the perfect pink for my cheek. i do have some pink in my cheeks and this color brings them out. i also love that it's not a powder, since it doesn't make my skin look dry either. natural beauty looks a little scary with it being so dark, but these are quite sheer so when i blend them in with my fingers, they aren't overpowering on my cheeks. 

tipsy, blushing bride, and natural beauty. once blended, if i want a little more color, i'll lightly use one of my blushes to go over it. if not, i usually just put a powder over it to set. 

my in-laws got us this beautiful statute. it is absolutely gorgeous and i can't decide where to put it yet so it's going on our tv stand for now. i love it and it's just so perfect for us right now. 

they also got us some treats. i've already been noshing on these. thanks family!!!

my little rhea lana haul

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

over the weekend, i went to the rhea lana consignment shop and picked up a few things. i didn't look at the strollers or cribs or any of the larger items as i am unsure about the safety and what things to look out for so i looked more at clothes, books and toys. there were some really cute clothes and i picked up a few. i have some girlfriends giving me some clothes so i didn't want to buy too many. there were some cute toys, but i will probably wait until he gets a little older to get him some since many of the toys seem to be for older kids.

i saw a pack of dr. seuss books but that was going for $60 so i hesitated. i am a big fan of dr. seuss books and i just think they are absolutely fun to read to little ones so i will try to find some for him eventually.

overall, the prices were great. some of the clothes were even brand new with the tags still on! i was so surprised. i spent about $35 for everything below. this would have cost me quite a bit if i bought them full price.

a coworker had friends who recommended ina may's guide to childbirth. i had thought about purchasing it last week on amazon but since i knew that i was going to go to the rhea lana consignment event, i was hoping i would be able to find some books similar to it. lo and behold, i found the exact book she recommended so i grabbed it! i have already started to read this and am so excited to learn more.
when i walked up to check out, the lady and i had a 10 minute conversation when she saw that i had gotten the birthing from within book. she told me that she actually took a class from this book and it was super intense. she also gave me some great tips and advices.
i love all things organic so i couldn't pass up the third book.
i thought the little turtle was just absolutely so cute! i keep imaging my little man crawling around and misbehavin'. this one was sold with the next two in a set.
another turtle one.

i love the baby blue.

this one has little smiling bulldogs. isn't it so cute? this one came in a set with the next one.

i love words on shirts.

bd wasn't a fan of the bear but i thought it was just adorable. look at those bears on the feet!!!

this picture doesn't do this justice. i imagine putting this on him after i put in the bath. i don't know why but these colors just remind me of a nice, clean baby.

i love baby blues and stripes. these two came as a set. so cute!!!
@ week 29, day 6. i definitely feel like there is big progress this week. i stood cooking for 5 hours on sunday and by sunday evening, i could barely walk without limping. on monday, my tailbone was killing me from sitting and working all day. i just feel like it's all a lose-lose situation.

i just feel absolutely huge in these pictures. for a while there, i felt like my stomach was manageable, but this week, i definitely feel like he's getting bigger and getting up is more troublesome. and even sitting for just an hour at work will bother my tailbone.

i have another doctor's appointment in two weeks and then my appointments will be every two weeks after that point. how in the world did i get to this point?!!! i still can't believe it. it seems like it's so far away, but so close all at the same time.

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