tarte cheek stains

Friday, May 9, 2014

with pregnancy, my skin has been a lot more dry than before. i did have more oily/combination skin, but now i'm finding that my skin is a lot more dry. i don't have hormonal break outs either. also, i've noticed that i can actually go a couple of days without washing my hair and my scalp won't feel oily either.

i've tried a couple of the tarte products and so when i saw that they had blushes going for 50% off, i knew i had to get a couple. these are stains as opposed to powder which worked great for my drier skin. it took me forever to decide which colors i wanted, but ending up getting these three: blushing bride, tipsy and natural beauty.

i felt like these three were different, but still colors that i would use.  

the first one above is tipsy (more coral). the second one is blushing bride (more pinky). the last one is natural beauty (a darker red). 

i'm so glad i got these three. they are just so pretty. my favorite is definitely blushing bride. i feel like it is just the perfect pink for my cheek. i do have some pink in my cheeks and this color brings them out. i also love that it's not a powder, since it doesn't make my skin look dry either. natural beauty looks a little scary with it being so dark, but these are quite sheer so when i blend them in with my fingers, they aren't overpowering on my cheeks. 

tipsy, blushing bride, and natural beauty. once blended, if i want a little more color, i'll lightly use one of my blushes to go over it. if not, i usually just put a powder over it to set. 

my in-laws got us this beautiful statute. it is absolutely gorgeous and i can't decide where to put it yet so it's going on our tv stand for now. i love it and it's just so perfect for us right now. 

they also got us some treats. i've already been noshing on these. thanks family!!!

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