my little rhea lana haul

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

over the weekend, i went to the rhea lana consignment shop and picked up a few things. i didn't look at the strollers or cribs or any of the larger items as i am unsure about the safety and what things to look out for so i looked more at clothes, books and toys. there were some really cute clothes and i picked up a few. i have some girlfriends giving me some clothes so i didn't want to buy too many. there were some cute toys, but i will probably wait until he gets a little older to get him some since many of the toys seem to be for older kids.

i saw a pack of dr. seuss books but that was going for $60 so i hesitated. i am a big fan of dr. seuss books and i just think they are absolutely fun to read to little ones so i will try to find some for him eventually.

overall, the prices were great. some of the clothes were even brand new with the tags still on! i was so surprised. i spent about $35 for everything below. this would have cost me quite a bit if i bought them full price.

a coworker had friends who recommended ina may's guide to childbirth. i had thought about purchasing it last week on amazon but since i knew that i was going to go to the rhea lana consignment event, i was hoping i would be able to find some books similar to it. lo and behold, i found the exact book she recommended so i grabbed it! i have already started to read this and am so excited to learn more.
when i walked up to check out, the lady and i had a 10 minute conversation when she saw that i had gotten the birthing from within book. she told me that she actually took a class from this book and it was super intense. she also gave me some great tips and advices.
i love all things organic so i couldn't pass up the third book.
i thought the little turtle was just absolutely so cute! i keep imaging my little man crawling around and misbehavin'. this one was sold with the next two in a set.
another turtle one.

i love the baby blue.

this one has little smiling bulldogs. isn't it so cute? this one came in a set with the next one.

i love words on shirts.

bd wasn't a fan of the bear but i thought it was just adorable. look at those bears on the feet!!!

this picture doesn't do this justice. i imagine putting this on him after i put in the bath. i don't know why but these colors just remind me of a nice, clean baby.

i love baby blues and stripes. these two came as a set. so cute!!!
@ week 29, day 6. i definitely feel like there is big progress this week. i stood cooking for 5 hours on sunday and by sunday evening, i could barely walk without limping. on monday, my tailbone was killing me from sitting and working all day. i just feel like it's all a lose-lose situation.

i just feel absolutely huge in these pictures. for a while there, i felt like my stomach was manageable, but this week, i definitely feel like he's getting bigger and getting up is more troublesome. and even sitting for just an hour at work will bother my tailbone.

i have another doctor's appointment in two weeks and then my appointments will be every two weeks after that point. how in the world did i get to this point?!!! i still can't believe it. it seems like it's so far away, but so close all at the same time.

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