clinique's even better clinical dark spot corrector

Sunday, May 18, 2014

last year, i started seeing a couple of dark spots underneath my eye area. admittedly, i have laid out quite a few times when i was younger and we never wore a lot of sunscreen growing up. i'm actually allergic to a lot of sunscreen products which is another story for another time.

i had heard a lot about clinique's even better clinical dark spot corrector cream and so i picked up a bottle to try (the picture below is the 1.7 fl. oz.). i hate buying the larger size of a product because not only is it more expensive, and if i don't see results, i'm also out more money. the lady at the counter said that she recommended the larger size since i needed at least 4 weeks to see results and at least 12 weeks to really see a big impact. she also mentioned that it's best after using two of the larger bottles. i just bought one and i didn't use a ton of it and just dab some where my spots were so that the cream would last longer.

unfortunately, i didn't see results after using this whole bottle. and after trying it, i'm definitely not getting a second bottle.

earlier this year, i saw a video regarding a skin lightener, namely hydroquinone, that alarmed me. on the ingredient list, i can't tell if there is hydroquinone in this product and so i've contacted clinique to ask them about whether this product does contain hydroquinone or not. on the container that this product came in, the product contains a cl-302 complex, which is a bit obscure and not very telling so in the meantime, i'll wait to see what they say.

let me know if there is another skin lightener out there that works and that is more natural without any harsh chemicals. i'm still on the search, but i rather not take the risk for the sake of beauty.


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