a sunday thought

Sunday, May 4, 2014

a couple of weekends ago, i was listening to the radio on my way to church and there was a segment on the radio called keep the faith. since i listen to this christian radio station every sunday on my way to church, i always hear this segment and it is truly inspiring.

two sundays ago, one of the guests on the radio spoke about sharing our struggles and that we shouldn't hide our struggles because that is what makes each of us. also, our struggles can help others and help build one another.

as i drove to church, i thought how true that is. most people don't want to be vulnerable and share the failures and sadness in our lives, but often when we share those things, that is when we can help others and at the same time, others can help us.

i hope that whatever you struggle with, that you will have someone to share that burden with. and also, that you know that everyone has struggles, and you aren't alone.

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