first visit with the new doctor

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

i had my first doctor appointment with the new practice today and really enjoyed them. if you recalled this post, i switched hospitals which meant finding a new doctor. i liked my previous doctor, but after much thought and deliberation, i felt like switching was the best thing for me to do.

the new practice is a little further away, as so is the hospital, but i didn't mind. i didn't have to wait as long which was nice, since this practice appears to be less busy then my old place. i met with the nurse practitioner today and she was really sweet and patient. we probably spoke for a little over 30 minutes and she was very reassuring, and it was just easy to talk with her and ask her questions. i had a good vibe about them and am feeling a lot better about the whole labor process.

she felt my abdomen and told me that he is already head down and his spine is towards the right side of my stomach. i had been curious as to how he is all situated in my abdomen so that was really cool to know. she hopes that his spine doesn't turn towards my spine as that will mean i will have back labor which isn't very comfortable. they will continue to monitor and see where he is at. something interesting that she mentioned was that if he does become breech, they can tell me some exercises to do to encourage him to move away from the breech position.

my stomach is measuring exactly at 31 weeks. it is quite round these days.

bd showed me a picture of how the body looks like during pregnancy. i couldn't find the source of this picture, but i thought it looked a bit crazy. the left picture is before and the right picture is during. look at how squished all the organs are! it's amazing how the body accommodates all that is going on.


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