someone like you

Sunday, May 11, 2014

thank you for being strong when i'm not.
for being my shoulder to cry on.
and to lean on.

thank you for listening to me, especially at 11pm at night.
for putting my needs first.
and loving me.

thank you for making this life fun.
for always finding humor in everything.
and making me laugh.

thank you for being you.
for always being sweet.
and helping me.

i love you always.
happy birthday my dear.

a few throwbacks to 2012.

this picture describes us best. haha. goofballs :) 

isn't my father in law so talented?!!! he took all these pictures and captured some great moments!

i've been meaning to frame this one!!! and looking at it again, i so need to frame it asap!!! this was when bd broke his pinky.

this guy has so much personality!

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