memorial holiday

Monday, May 26, 2014

for my primary class at church yesterday, i brought these sugar cookies for my kids. they each had two and their mouths were blue with the food coloring. it's been a blast teaching them and getting to know each of them, and their personalities. bd and i were talking yesterday about each of our callings at church, and how i have been really enjoying mine. i think it's due to knowing that i'll have a little one and i will have to teach him things, not just about the gospel, but about life in general.

but when my primary kids were coloring and eating their cookies, it just made me that much more grateful for all that served and died for this country. that we could all be here, enjoying the sunshine and the day off, but those who sacrificed their life and time can't be. i'm grateful to call this country home and grateful to those who have served.


 last year in st. augustine. i want to go back!

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