how a new addition is changing us

Thursday, May 22, 2014

bd and i have been talking about how our view on our future is changing. i always thought that we would just go about our days the same as before, but somehow we are already thinking about things so much differently.

there is so much to think about and so many more things to fear, but we have both agreed that the way our views are changing are definitely for the better, and definitely putting us in the path that we want to be.

i have to admit that i am scared of permanence. i am scared of being too attached. i am scared of being tied down. i like the idea of being able to leave whenever we want to, to move somewhere else if we got tired of one place. but lately, we are itching for that permanence, for a place to call home, for an abode for our little family.

i'm unsure if we will get all that we are asking for and wishing for. i'm unsure if our plans will work out to what we want them to be like. things always takes longer in reality than in my mind. but for now, we have put some little baby steps towards what we feel is right for us right now. and i couldn't be more excited and happy.


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