picking an overnight bag

Saturday, May 24, 2014

i've been thinking a lot about what i need to put into my overnight bag. the funny thing is that i don't even have an overnight bag! that almost seems odd to say since i feel like everyone has a weekender bag that they can take on trips, but when we go out of town, we've always used my small suitcase and that has worked for us. however, i figure this was the perfect time to look into getting a weekend bag that would be perfect for bringing to the hospital with me, as well as when we go on trips. i've been looking at a couple of different ones and i just can't decide.

which one do you think i should get?

i love the gray and i think this print is just adorable and so fun.

this one is a classic. i love stripes and this is so nautical and so perfect.
this one is so cute, but most likely i will not be owning due to the price. ah, a girl can dream right?
i love the blue ikat pattern and the price is super right! i feel like the faux leather is not going to last long since i am an abuser of bags, but for the price, i think it's okay for how long it will probably last.
i actually saw this one (not the exact design but similar) and i like the size. it seems to fit a lot and should fit all the things i need for the hospital (i think).
this is similar to the last one, just a different pattern. these patterns aren't my typical but after spending time with one of my girlfriends who is a lot more adventurous when it comes to patterns (and which i love how she dresses), i figure i shouldn't be afraid of patterns :)
is this not the cutest ikat pattern ever? a little pricier, but so darn cute!!!
i couldn't exclude vera bradley on this list. i've been eyeing their travel bags forever now but have yet to make a purchase. i love this cute print. and the print is also on sale! another bonus.
which one is your favorite & why? is there any other bag that i haven't listed that i should look into?


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