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Friday, May 16, 2014

my friend took me here for my birthday. i love the ambiance of the restaurant and the food was spectacular. the service was really good. i'm so glad that she told me about this place since it's a lot closer for me. short ribs are so yummy.

 the same friend also told me about this place. bd and i have gone there a couple of times. we absolutely love it. it reminds us of a place that we frequented when we lived more out in the suburbs. this is by far my favorite dish: tandoori chicken. so flavorful.

basmatic rice. oh goodness. 

these reminds me of sausages. i can't quite remember what these are but bd always orders us a couple.

bd ordered us these as well. i tasted a little bit, but i tend to stick with my tandoori chicken. it's all going to my thighs so i usually pick my favorite & stick to it ;)

the line-up. don't they look so guilty?

for bd and my birthday, we went back to tofu village & ordered some korean bbq & bibambap. and yes, those are garlic, and yes, i put one of those in each of my wraps with a piece of meat and some of the salad looking fillings. apparently, garlic = energy. and you know me, i always need some energy.

our waitress was super nice. she came over and helped us stir up our bibambap. i haven't always been a fan of this dish, but this year, i've been eating it more, and i have to say, it's growing on me. it's comforting to me.

the cool thing about this korean restaurant is that they use real coals rather than just a gas cooking top.  

i've been staying hydrated with coconut water. i really like this brand. there's little coconut chunks in it. and it's not super sweet like my favorite brand, but i like that it's not super sweet. confused yet?

baby mangoes that my friend gave to me. it was my first time trying them. delicious with some chili pepper flakes and salt. zico coconut water. 

did you know that moe's gives you a free entree with the purchase of a drink for your birthday? well, now you do. go sign up. and yes, i love tomatillo sauce.

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