mw: three weeks old

Sunday, August 3, 2014

i'm a bit behind on this post, but mw is now over three weeks old. he's filling out his car seat. he's filling out his newborn clothes. there's been quite a bit of diaper explosions. i'm talking me having to shower myself. we are still on newborn diapers, although i am thinking that after we finish this pack, we may have to move onto size 1. he's getting a couple of nasty diaper rashes so we are letting him dry first in between diaper changes and layering on the baby powder to keep his skin dry. as first time parents, it's a bit scary seeing his rashes but we hope to figure out a good balance.

we haven't given him a bath yet, but am ordering him a little bathtub and hoping to give him a bath once it arrives. it seems like his umbilical cord is healing well so we are both happy about that. looks like he'll have an outie.

he's growing up so fast and i'm excited to see all the changes in my little boy.

have a great week!


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