how we told our family

Thursday, March 27, 2014

i had thought about throwing a gender reveal party, since who doesn't love a party? but due to busy season and my energy level, i just didn't feel like throwing a party. and i knew i had bigger fishes to fry, or in my case, not to fry, or bake, or cook. my husband can attest to that, but that is for another day.

i came across the idea when i was reading another blog, and i so wish i can remember which blog it was. i wanted a fun way to share with our families what we were going to have. of course, there is nothing wrong with a phone call, or telling them in person. but i thought this was an extra fun way to share the news. i will tell you though, that you have to be careful and let them know not to share it publicly on facebook where other family members can see it. we have families all across the states so some family members received theirs earlier than others. also, something that i wished we had done was have all of them video tape while they are scratching it off. we had three families do that, and that was just so fun to watch. unfortunately, we didn't think of that idea sooner :(

i bought the cards off etsy in this little shop: stationmerry. katie, the store owner, was super sweet and she sent them priority mail, which was an added bonus.


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