third trimester

Friday, April 25, 2014

i can't believe i'm onto my third trimester now. that means three months left. my test for gestational diabetes came back and i'm negative for gestational diabetes which i am so relieved about. this pregnancy has been going well, and i want to keep that trend going.

the little guy has been quite active. especially at night. i tend to spoon the baby daddy at night and he keeps complaining that the little guy kicks him at night. it's amazing that he can actually feel the little guy's kicks. he also moves during the day, especially after i eat. he'll just be moving around and making my belly move as well. i'm getting used to his kicks and movements, but sometimes, it's fun to look down and wonder what kind of movements are going on in my belly.

i haven't had an ultrasound for a while now so i have been so curious where his head is and where his feet are. i'm excited for my next ultrasound and to see how he is positioned in my belly.

my taste buds was calming down, but lately, everything is leaving a weird after taste so i'm having to figure out what is working with my taste buds again. i was really hoping this part was over. however, this week, i did find that pulled pork bbq is hitting the spot, and not leaving that yucky after taste.

breakfast is another story. i was loving on some special k breakfast sandwich, but those aren't quite tasting right these days and so i tend to starve a little in the morning. oatmeal isn't quite tasting right either so i need to figure that out since i rather not starve in the morning.

i've also been feeling a little dehydrated so i'm making sure to drink plenty of water. for some reason, it's just not quite enough, but i'm working on it, always making sure to keep a bottled water close by. maybe my dehydration might explain why i am having this weird after taste.

anyways, thank goodness it's the weekend. good night.


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