food is my master

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

to say my life revolves around food is quite an understatement. food is my master. once i get caught in its fold, i can do nothing but surrender. and let all the goodness fill the empty spaces. last night, the sweets and i went to the grocery store and i picked up some beef ribs. i had dreams last night about these ribs. the things that i wanted to do to it. to rub and pat it with the best rubs (including a secret rub that momma yang gave me) and let it soak in the rub while in the oven. to watch it and smell it while it's erupting in flavor. it was such a tease, and yet i wanted the tease. i wanted it so bad that i didn't eat dinner until 9pm tonight. i wanted dinner to be these ribs. because, like i said before, i dreamt about these ribs last night. and it was one good dream. and that dream has now become a reality. and i think the little man is quite happy with the ribs as well. craving fulfilled.

on an unrelated note, my sephora package came in. and i am so excited.


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