surviving busy season (while pregnant)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

as many of you are well aware of (and should be since we just passed the april 15th tax deadline!), busy season is an intense time for accountants in the states. we work long hours in order to meet various deadlines. we toil away into the night. our eyes stinging from staring at our excel worksheets for way too long. we dream about various accounting issues (or at least i do). we work weekends while the sun is inviting us outside. we wonder if we can survive yet another busy season after this. summer seems so far away. what have we gotten ourselves into?????

well, luckily, we survived (or so i hope).

this busy season was a little tricky for me, due to being pregnant and all the joy and fun that comes with that. i thought i would make a little list of how to survive busy season (while pregnant):

1. have your babe right before busy season! jk. although you can if you want to; however, i didn't want to miss a busy season, and it's not like we planned it exactly...
2. if you can help it, make sure the first trimester is not during busy season. the first trimester can be bad. for me, i was beyond exhausted. i don't think i would have survived. maybe if i could sleep from 11am to 4pm at the client, or in my car, although i think the client might look badly on that.
3. if you find yourself in the predicament above, ask for help! i was super nervous about being pregnant and going through busy season and i had a lot of help and support at work to help me not feel so overwhelmed. pregnancy is not easy and everyone knows that and your coworkers will be more than willing to help. if not, you need to come work for my firm!!!
4. don't push your body. during this pregnancy, i've learned just how smart my body is. it knows exactly what you need, so listen to it. don't fight it. sleep when you need to. eat when you need to. do whatever it is that you need to. but don't push it.

what other tips helped you through a crazy time at work/home/anywhere?

@27 weeks
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