4 weeks countdown

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

i have exactly 4 weeks left before my little guy gets here and i am so ecstatic but yet also nervous. there seems to be so much left to do and i wonder where all my time has gone. how in the world has the past eight months flown by?

these are the last things that I need to do before he gets here:

1. get a car seat.
2. get a stroller.
3. pack my overnight bag.
4. get enough chickens and herbs and rice for the chicken diet.
6. figure out his name.
7. finish all my work at work.
8. get his take home outfit.
9. get a mattress to fit our friend's cradle.
10. wash our cars and put the car seat in.
11. get a bath tub for him.
12. figure out our living situation.
13. get a diaper bag.

not too much to do, right?

in other news, sleeping has not great. there has been too many nights where i lay in bed as the clock slowly tick by to 6am and i'm dreading having to wake up for work because i know i will be super tired. i can also feel him right smack against my belly. it's crazy to think that there is just a little bit of skin between me and him.

the thought of labor is scaring me as well. i haven't taken a childbirth class yet, and i don't think i will have time anymore so i am going to find some time to research relaxation methods.


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