36 weeks

Friday, June 27, 2014

at 36 weeks (i'm now 37 weeks). he's getting larger than life.

this week has been beyond hectic, and that might be an understatement. i'm looking forward to a more relaxing weekend, and hopefully more (and better sleep). i have a few things to tie up at work, but other than that, i'm hoping these last few weeks at work will be a little calmer.
my work threw me a baby shower at work today and it was absolutely wonderful. and i got the biggest item on my must-have list: a stroller + car seat. also got some other fun goodies that the little guy will love. all thanks to my coworkers!
this weekend's to-do:
-get my breast pump
-clean the cars
-finish packing the overnight bag
-decide on a doula
-get another car seat base & install them both in our cars
i'll be seeing the doctor every week from now on. i can't believe all this time has passed by already. it's just absolutely wild to me. the reality of this little guy in our life.
have a great weekend!

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